RD Pipeline Construction, Inc.
9555 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002

Gateway (10th and Decatur)

Client I-Kota
Location Denver
Scope Of Work Water Distribution: Main extension, fire hydrants, service stubs and coordination of outages with current users; Sanitary Sewer: Main extension and abandonment of portions of existing; Storm Drainage: Storm piping, RCP, PVC and cast in place structures
Schedule The combination of the three portions of work required a two-year on-going schedule of work.
Project Manager Chuck Chea

Project Detail

Gateway consisted of three projects; North, South and Off-Site. The two high-rises (North and South) required water, sanitary sewer services , storm sewer roof drains and rain gardens. To accomplish the work for North and South it was necessary to upgrade the City infrastructure. The installation of off-site was constant coordination with facility owners and city inspectors.